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     170-422 Richards St.
     Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4
     Phone.: +1-604-484-5520
     Skype: flexwrite

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Flexwrite is a Technical Documents Solutions Provider

Flexwrite combines the flexibility and cost competitiveness of independent professionals with the quality of a well-equipped service provider. We create, translate and illustrate technical documents.

Flexwrite is committed to provide you with a complete range of services to turn your technical document issues a thing of the past .

Technical Writing
Maintenance and operations manuals, test procedures, help files, work instructions, training, tutorials, web sites... Create once, publish anywhere. More...
Technical Translation
Technical and commercial content  into any language, using clear terminology and style guidelines.
Technical Illustration
We use the latest technology from QuadriSpace to create illustrated manuals, procedures and other technical publications.
Software Localization
By adapting the tool to its user, rather than its creators, software developers can build a loyal client base in a new market,


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